These products are imprinted with your photo, artwork or logo using a process called sublimation, which offers vivid colors permanently bonded to special materials or coatings on these products.  Some of these products are suited to personal gift-giving, some to business promotions, some to fund raising activities, and some to all three.

The pricing shown below includes printing, and there are no set-up charges, even on single item

Brookley Phone Cover
Hard rubber lining with tough plastic overcase help protect your phone.  This case is available for:
Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 (not “Edge” or “Active”)
iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, 6s Plus.

What image do you want on your phone?  Best photo you ever took, family picture, your own art, your kid’s art, your monogram, your company logo (absolutely, if you’re a salesperson).  We can’t reproduce licensed or copyrighted images (unless you hold the copyright) 

Cost for one cover:  $16.00.
Quantity discounts available.     



  Switch Phone Cover
Tough rubbery plastic with interchangeable insert; purchase multiple inserts with different prints and change your phone cover to match your mood (or outfit).
Fits:  Samsung Galaxy S6, S5 (not “Active)
iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 5, 5s, 5c

Printed cost for one case:  $15.00
Printed cost for extra insert: $6.00

Malaga Phone Cover
Padded cloth-covered notebook with
magnetic clasp; front cover is printable. Slots on the inside allow you to carry business or credit cards, and a little folding money.  This is a Sisters in Ink favorite; the front cover just gives that extra feeling of protection for the most important (and most vulnerable) part of your phone:  the screen!
Fits: Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge S5
iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 5, 5s, 5c.
Printed cost for one case: $24.00

 Phone Stands
These are so awesome!  A handy place to park your phone on your desk, standing upright so you can see it, instead of having to toss aside papers to find it; a spot to hold it in comfort while it charges (notches allow the cord of the charger to hide).  And a decorative accessory to display your logo, favorite photo, monogram, inspirational quote or personal artwork while your phone is in use.  Two piece hardboard stand.  You can use these with any smart phone.

Printed cost:  $20.00 each 


Soft rubber foam coasters are ideal for more casual and outdoor use.  Embellished with your logo, they are great “business cards.”  Affordable for themed parties -- birthdays, holidays, reunions... keep your furniture free of water stains and send guests off with a memento of your bash.  Available as 3.5” square (shown) or 4” diameter round; all are 1/4” thick. 

Printed cost for set of four:  $10.00 (quantity discounts available).

Hardboard coasters, with cork bottom

These protect your furniture AND serve as a nice decorative touch.  Set of four coasters includes a slotted wooden rack for display and easy storage.  You can show off family photos, artwork or photography, or have us imprint your company logo on them and use in your conference room (they also make nice gifts for employees and clients).
Set of four coasters with wooden rack:  $28.00.
Set of four coasters without rack:  $22.00

Real slate coasters, imprinted with your images, are a beautiful accent in any home or office.  We’ve embellished the set shown here with photos taken by lakeshore photographer Beach Bum Joe.  Slate coasters are available in 3.5” square or 4” diameter round styles. 

Set of four, printed:  $36.00.


Sandstone coasters soak up the moisture from your drink and look great.  Cork bottom keeps your furniture scratch-free.These are fantastic as housewarming and wedding shower gifts, personalized with the recipient’s name and an appropriate graphic (we’ll help you with that).  Available in square, round or heart shapes.  

Set of four, printed:  $25.00





Identify yourself!  If your staff meets the public, they need to have name tags.  If your club or organization meets infrequently, has a large membership, or attends outside events as a group, you need name tags.  If your family reunion includes third cousins you see only once in a blue moon, you need name tags. 

We have aluminum name tags (white, which can be printed to any color background, silver and gold, both of which are best suited to a few strong colors).  We have fiber reinforced plastic name tags.  We have rectangles, ovals and rounds, in several sizes.  We have slotted rectangular ID tags in both horizontal and vertical orientations, for hanging on lanyards (and we can get those for you, too).  We have pin backs, magnetic backs and pin tacks.  Plenty of options for presenting yourself, your group, or your company in the best light possible.

 Starting at $8.00 for a single name tag with magnetic back, and going down from there.


Bag tags help team members with identical gear bags identify their own stuff, as well as identifying their team and sport or activity to others.  Bag tags make your golf bag stand out immediately.  A Bag tag can get your gym duffel returned to you if you set it down at the juice bar and walk off without grabbing it. Bag tags can help you spot your luggage faster at the airport.

Printed one side or both sides, with as much or as little information as you want. 

Available in aluminum or fiber-reinforced plastic, in a variety of sizes and shapes, with a plastic worm loop or 6” leather strap with buckle for attaching to your bag.

Printed price for one piece, including loop or strap, ranges from $8.00 to $12.00; price decreases as quantity increases.

Key tags give you something to grab onto when you are fishing for your keys in a pocket, or, especially, in a bag or purse.  If you are like us, you have two bundles of keys in separate pockets (during the winter) or smushed together in your bag (during the summer).  Having different shapes of key tags on each ring lets you retrieve the correct set of keys without having to pull them all out and look.

Having pointed out how practical they are, we can now emphasize their additional quality as a decorative item.  School mascot for your first set of car keys; business logos that others can see while you stand in line at the grocery store; your children’s picture that you can show off in an oh-so-casual way.

Squares, rectangles, circles, and oval shapes in several sizes, aluminum or fiber reinforced plastic.  Printable on both sides -- two different images, if you like.

Printed price for one key tag with split ring attached: $6.00.  Quantity discounts available.