Sisters in Ink offers hundreds of products to choose from for decoration by screen printing, embroidery, and sublimation. 


   "We'd love the opportunity to serve you!"
Whether you sell a shirt featuring your logo to satisfied current customers, or give it away (“Thanks for your business”), your organization will receive publicity each time the garment is worn — the person wearing the garment is saying to others “Hey, I really like these people, and you should give them a try.”
 We’re all on the same team here.”
 Dress codes can be interpreted individually by your employees, but when you provide them with an approved garment for work, your business presents a uniform, attractive look to your customers.
   “We sponsored this special event.”
Whether as a giveaway to participants, or for sale to attendees,  advertise your sponsorship of a competition, festival or fundraiser.

“I’m a member of this great organization!”
 Let others know about your passionate interest  and advertise your club, group, association, or team.

“We’re raising funds for a worthy purpose."
 Dozens of possibilities, including  garments, totes, car flags, key chains, mugs, and dog tags, all imprinted with your message/image.  Not sure how many you can sell?  You can purchase sample kits that you can use to take orders, then have us produce only what you need to fill the orders.

“Here’s how to contact us”
 Fridge magnets are a great way to provide your customers with a handy and useful reminder of your phone number or your hours of operation.


“Let’s Party!”
 School or family reunions,  summer barbecues, holiday parties, pre-wedding festivities, annual blasts — whatever your reason for getting together, your guests will remember the great time they had whenever they wear the shirt.